In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, businesses need every edge they can get to understand and engage their customers. This is where Neurons Inc, a leading consumer neuroscience company, comes into play. Leveraging advanced AI tools to predict consumer responses, Neurons Inc is revolutionizing how brands connect with their audiences. But what is Neurons – the predictive AI company? It’s an innovative organization that uses cutting-edge technology to help businesses better understand their customers and drive growth.

Snapshot Overview of Neurons Inc’s Predictive Powerhouses

Neurons Inc's Predictive Powerhouses

Harnessing the science of human behavior and cognitive responses, Neurons Inc offers a range of AI-powered tools that redefine predictive analysis in marketing:

  • Best for Comprehensive Analysis: Predict AI

  • Best for Real-Time Engagement Tracking: NeuroVision

  • Best for Emotional Response Insights: Emotion AI

  • Best for User Experience Enhancement: UX Metrics

  • Best for Scalable Solutions: SaaS Platform

Best for Comprehensive Analysis – Predict AI

Predict AI - Comprehensive Analysis

Neurons Inc’s premier product, Predict AI, is a comprehensive solution tailored for analyzing consumer attention. Using advanced machine learning models, Predict AI delves into consumer behavior to provide insights for brands to optimize their marketing assets.

A standout feature of Predict AI is its Automatic Brand Tracking & AOI Detection. This function offers advertisers the ability to:

  • Identify and monitor brand assets like typefaces and logos within videos

  • Fine-tune their video ads for heightened brand visibility

  • Ensure the prominence of logos and other defining brand elements

  • Refine the positioning and design of their CTAs to capture more attention

  • Achieve improved click-through rates

It’s a game-changer for brands, providing them with the tools to optimize their video ads and maximize their brand impact.

At a pricing of 15,000 EUR per year for 5 seats, Predict AI offers companies insights into consumer behavior and engagement, providing a treasure trove of valuable information. These insights empower brands to customize their creative assets to ensure their key messages engage their intended audience.

Best for Real-Time Engagement Tracking – NeuroVision

NeuroVision, an engagement tracking tool, employs eye tracking to measure variations in pupil size and the distance between the eye tracker and participant over time. This enables advanced studies and insights into real-time engagement, offering a unique advantage to marketers in optimizing their marketing materials.

NeuroVision’s tool leverages its real-time engagement tracking capabilities to analyze creatives, store fronts, and more, focusing on the attention brand elements receive. This assists in optimizing marketing materials by identifying where consumers’ attention is focused and their level of emotional engagement. The result is a marketing strategy that truly resonates with the audience, leading to increased brand recognition and customer engagement.

NeuroVision equips brands with a robust tool for understanding real-time customer responses to varied marketing stimuli. It’s like having a window into your customer’s mind, enabling you to tailor your marketing strategy as customers respond to their cognitive responses, ultimately achieving better results.

Best for Emotional Response Insights – Emotion AI

Emotion AI, another groundbreaking product from Neurons Inc, infuses artificial empathy into machines. This intelligence enables the development of products that effectively comprehend and react to human emotions, providing brands with an edge in creating emotionally resonant campaigns.

Emotion AI provides the following features:

  • Validated attention heatmaps

  • Scores on Cognitive Demand, Focus, Clarity, and Engagement

  • Total brand attention score

  • Capability to measure Emotional Drivers

  • AI generates behavioral metrics

By using Emotion AI, which tracks brand assets and their performance, brands can enhance the efficacy of their marketing campaigns through testing marketing assets. This results in more genuine and tailored campaigns that truly connect with the audience.

Emotion AI from Neurons Inc has been successfully utilized in various case studies, including:

  • Examining emotional reactions to living spaces, spearheaded by Majid Al Futtaim in Dubai

  • Research focused on emotional responses to ads

  • Studies exploring customers’ reactions to different marketing stimuli

With Emotion AI, brands can gain a deeper understanding of their customers, leading to more effective and emotionally engaging marketing campaigns.

Best for User Experience Enhancement – UX Metrics

Neurons Inc’s UX Metrics is devoted to improving user experience by offering data-driven insights and recommendations. By measuring the attention brand assets receive from users, UX Metrics provide valuable insights into user engagement with a brand and its products.

UX Metrics serve as a collection of indicators designed to evaluate the success of user interactions, offering data-driven insights to support ongoing enhancement of the user experience. By analyzing quantitative data points that allow for the measurement, comparison, and monitoring of a website or app’s user experience over time, UX Metrics provide actionable insights that brands can use to improve their customers’ experience.

Neurons Inc boasts a strong history of aiding worldwide companies in improving their user experience through UX Metrics. By tracking brand assets and their performance, UX Metrics has proven to be a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their user experience and boost customer engagement.

Best for Scalable Solutions – SaaS Platform

The SaaS platform from Neurons Inc caters to businesses of all sizes with its scalable solutions. By providing adaptable solutions with a range of features, performance levels, and pricing options, the SaaS platform accommodates diverse business requirements, ensuring effective measurement and analysis of the attention brand assets receive.

Through the SaaS platform, businesses can effectively expand their operations. Case studies on Neurons Inc’s website demonstrate how different businesses have leveraged the scalable solutions offered by the platform to boost their operations, tracking brand assets, and their performance.

Although specific pricing models for Neurons Inc’s SaaS platform remain undisclosed, the platform is structured to facilitate business growth, featuring scalable pricing tiers adaptable to evolving business needs. The SaaS platform is thus a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to leverage predictive analytics to boost their marketing strategies.

Decoding the Parameters for Predictive Success

Decoding Parameters for Predictive Success

The predictive success of Neurons Inc is hinged on a unique fusion of neuroscience, AI, and platform access. By employing neuroscience-inspired methods, Neurons Inc has developed AI models that deliver human-like performance, accurately predicting customer behaviors such as attention and focus.

Platform access plays a crucial role in the success of Neurons Inc’s predictive modeling. By utilizing extensive datasets and analyzing both current and historical data, Neurons Inc develops precise statistical models for predicting consumer behaviors and outcomes. This ensures that the attention brand assets receive is effectively measured and analyzed.

Neurons Inc’s approach enhances the accuracy of targeting consumer responses through the integration of neuroscience and predictive analytics. By measuring brain activity and other biological signals, Neurons Inc gains a profound understanding of customer responses, motivations, and decisions. This results in enhanced consumer engagement and empowerment, improving brand precision in aligning with consumer enablement.

Aligning Business Needs with Predictive Capabilities

Aligning Business Needs with Predictive Capabilities

Synchronizing business needs with the predictive capabilities of Neurons Inc empowers brands to optimize their marketing strategies, leading to improved results. Predict AI, for instance, offers predictive capabilities that enable advertisers, marketers, and designers to forecast brand performance on ads, estimating the visibility of key components to the audience.

Businesses can align their specific requirements with the predictive capabilities of Neurons Inc by utilizing Predict AI to predict brand performance on ads. This enables them to make well-informed decisions related to advertising and design, focusing on the attention brand elements receive.

By utilizing their predictive powerhouses to scrutinize historical data, identify patterns, and predict future marketing trends, Neurons Inc can elevate marketing strategies. This enables brands to develop strategies with a higher likelihood of success, aligning their marketing efforts with the expected consumer responses and helping to predict human behavior.

Lastly, Neurons Inc’s predictive analytics can cater to a range of business needs. From predicting the brand performance of ads and optimizing visual assets for better engagement to making accurate forecasts, Neurons Inc’s tools can help businesses meet their specific needs. This synergy between business needs and predictive capabilities is instrumental in steering successful marketing strategies.


In a nutshell, Neurons Inc’s suite of predictive AI tools provides businesses with a unique advantage in understanding and predicting consumer behavior. From comprehensive analysis with Predict AI and real-time engagement tracking with NeuroVision, to emotional response insights with Emotion AI, user experience enhancement with UX Metrics, and scalable solutions with their SaaS platform, Neurons Inc offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to boost their marketing strategies.

Each of these tools provides unique insights based on neuroscience data, allowing businesses to craft more engaging and effective marketing campaigns. By accurately predicting consumer responses, these tools enable businesses to align their marketing strategies with their audience’s needs and preferences, leading to better engagement and improved results.

Neurons Inc has truly set the bar high in the field of predictive AI, offering businesses the power to predict, focus, and succeed. As the world of marketing continues to evolve, businesses that leverage these predictive capabilities will undoubtedly be at the forefront of this exciting new frontier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does predictive AI work?

Predictive AI, also known as predictive analytics, uses historical data and machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns and make predictions about future events or trends. For example, it can use historical sales data to predict future sales.

What is the predict tool in neurons?

The predict tool in Neurons is an AI feature that allows advertisers and marketers to predict brand performance on ads before they are launched, providing insight and proof of brand performance. It has the capability to predict customer responses with over 95% accuracy, helping to draw attention to creative content.

Which AI is used for prediction?

Predictive AI uses machine learning to make predictions and recommendations, while generative AI uses machine learning to create content. Both types rely on access to a large amount of data to produce accurate outputs.

What is NeuroVision and how can it optimize marketing materials?

NeuroVision is a tool that uses eye tracking to measure real-time engagement with marketing materials, which can help optimize them by identifying where consumers’ attention is focused.

How can Emotion AI enhance marketing campaigns?

Emotion AI can enhance marketing campaigns by using demographical, behavioral, and emotional data to create more genuine and tailored campaigns that better connect with the intended audience. By integrating AI’s analytical prowess with emotional intelligence, companies can better understand and target their audience’s emotions and needs.


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